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The MOVE Welcomes Back Recording Artist Blanca for 2020 MOVE Conference

“I’ve always been a fearful person. And the thought of stepping out was scary for me, but I had promised the Lord that if He said go, I would go.” - Blanca If there’s one thing that Blanca seems to have mastered, it’s honesty. Song after song, she’s not sugarcoating her very real battles with fear and insecurity. The real Blanca came through in songs like “Worry,” which says: Sometimes my mind is my own worst enemy, sometimes my eyes trust only what they see… “ That message continued through songs like “Surrender” and “If You Say Go.” As Blanca shares her heart, she reveals that it’s a lot like every heart— unsteady at times, but finally, completely ready to love and be loved, to share and to be shared. To say that Blanca’s childhood and upbringing were less than challenging would be decidedly untrue. But rather than hide it, Blanca is determined to embrace even the hardest parts of it, which began with the broken relationship between her mom and dad. Her father was ensnared in drugs and alcohol and was absent for most of her younger days, before returning and literally turning Blanca’s world on end in the best way possible. It’s redemption at its most beautiful. But beauty rarely comes without pain. In the last few years, Blanca’s father was diagnosed with and passed away from cancer. But his legacy lives on in her heart and in the words she shares about him still. “My dad had a heart that would fill a room,” she says. “He was the most loving person. When I’m out here doing what I’m doing I always ask the Lord to give me the same love for people that he had.” That love is the heart of encouraging songs like album opener, “Different Drum,” which boldly claims, All you need to try to be is who you’re made to be. “Catching Fire” echoes the sentiment, saying, You could be the mystery that could change history/You could be the buried treasure.

Of late, it’s Blanca’s music has helped hold her mom together during her battle with breast cancer.

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